In the following, please find an overview of items selected
from our extensive product range.

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- Mobile and stationary rehabilitation lift motor controls for people with severe handicaps
- Eye-tracking systems for laser eye correction
- Controls for special monitors for the visually impaired
- Fluoroscopy and x-ray system assemblies for world market leaders at international airports 
- Medical devices such as EMS devices, tools for measuring pain etc.
- Mobile and waterproof data collecting systems for managing economical water consumption
- Global Positioning System Assemblies for meter-accurate, satellite-controlled operations with large agricultural machines
- Colour and gloss gauges, densitometers

- Industrial temperature, flow and volumetric instruments

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- Line, edge, infrared and ultrasonic sensors including the corresponding gauge and control units for the world's largest web-guide controllers systems manufacturer
– Currently, the smallest radio that exists, integrated into a headset by the global market leader of wireless communication systems. One of its main application areas is at the check-in zones of international airports worldwide
- Wireless communication system assemblies for international law enforcement such as the police, border guards like GSG9, SFOR forces, firefighters around the world, security services and, of course, for different types of international airlines
- CAN, UniGate, Profibus assemblies and devices, electronic cam controllers

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- Control and monitoring systems for the chemical industry, prioritising the recovery of potable water
- Microprocessor-controlled units for switchgear engineering in worldwide power plant operations
- Electronic PA and paging systems for international fairs and airport buildings or similarly large premises
- Microprocessor-controlled electronic chargers
- Intelligent conveyor system closures (CSC) for industrial fire protection
- Inductive motor control modules 
- High-end scanner system assemblies

- Wireless alarm system parts
- Wireless laser data transmission assemblies
- Operating electronics for detector arrays and spectral sensors

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- Modern diode array spectrometer parts
- High-end assemblies for high-precision power gauges, power quality analysers 
- Test systems for harmonic currents detection (EN 61000-3-2 / -12) and flicker (EN 61000-3-3 / -11)
- Power gauges for switchboards and rails
- Customisable limit detectors including light bars and digital displays
- High-end LED lighting units for high-speed photography
- RingLED for small objects and exposure times up to 1μ sec.
- Heavy-duty camera solution assemblies
- Communication elements for air traffic control
- Remote maintenance solutions for renewable energies

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- VPN access solutions
- Mobile video surveillance
- Control and monitoring assemblies for industrial trucks
- Transport tracking assemblies
- Reverse-drive systems for harvest vehicles

- Secured DC voltage supply parts
- ECUs for exclusive manufacturers in the car sports segment 
- Calibration gas generator assemblies for almost any existing emission gauging technology in automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
- Assemblies for electrochemical cleaning, polishing and marking machines